Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Starburst clock DIY

There is a current trend of Starburst, sunburst etc. mirrors. I saw a tutorial Here of a starburst mirror which was kind of cute and different. The fun part is that it is made out of poster board.

She took a paper towel for the pattern, cut it in the shape of ray. Then, she took poster board, fold it in half and cut it according to the pattern. It was super easy thing to do. So, I knew that I have to make one. But unlike starburst mirror I wanted something else because I had already made two sunburst mirrors see it here. I had this boring clock from Walmart, so, I decided to bling it.

 I started cutting the poster boards as per the instructions mentioned in the post.

I laid my pattern on the back of the clock to see how it looks.

I painted the clock and start attaching the poster boards on the back. The finished product was this.

Somehow, I was not very satisfied with the result and took down all the glued poster boards and gave it more shape and cut more in number. This time the pattern looked more like a starburst rather than a flower. So, this is the finished product.

So, what do you think? Give me your suggestions and comments. Happy crafting.


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