Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Statement necklace DIY with matching earrings.

I am back again with one more jewelry tutorial. I gave break to jewelry making for a week and really wanted to make another one soon, so here is another one from the long due list:-) This is what it looks with the matching earrings.

Supplies you will need:- beads (I bought mine from Beads show), chain, eye pins, head pins, jump rings, closure. Tools you will need are:- pliers, nose pliers, wire cutter.

Cut your chain as long as you want your necklace to be, I cut mine around 16 inches.

Take your bead and put it in head pin.

Twist the head pin with the nose pliers to make a loop and cut the extra with the wire cutter.

Take a jump ring and open it with pliers and let it hold the loop of the bead.

Close the jump ring.

Take another bead and put it in the eye pin.

Take the nose pliers and make a loop as you made with the head pin above and cut the extra with the wire cutter.This is what it will look like.

Take the bead with the head pin, we made earlier and loop it with the bead with the eye pin, as shown.

For this necklace I made 19 beads with head pins and 9 beads with eye pins. We will alternate the look of the necklace with one bead with head pin (single) and another with 2 beads with one eye pin and one head pin looped with each other, like this.

Sorry, I forgot to took pictures:-(

Once you are done with your beads, take a jump ring and a closure, put them in chain with the help of pliers for the knot of the chain.

This is your finished necklace.

If you have some beads left make a pair of earrings, like I did.
Take 2 earring hooks, 4 beads, eye pins and head pins.

Make loops with two eye pins and two head pins, as you did earlier for the necklace.

This is what your finished necklace and matching earrings will look like.

Hope you like it. Let me know your views and suggestions. Happy crafting.



  1. This is gorgeous! Thanks for the tute, I've been thinking about trying to make a "bubble style" statement necklace for a while now. This looks like just the place to start! I totally pinned it.

  2. WOW! You make some very beautiful jewelry...I'm browsing your blog and I love what I see here. I'm fairly new to jewelry making and I only make a few pieces for myself and a couple of family members. Your work is inspiring to me and your tuts are well written.

    I found your blog today through your latest guest post on 'My Girlish Whims' blog. SO glad I did findt too. I was here once before, but time has passed and you have added so many new things since I visited your blog last time. Lucky for me, your guest post brought me back here again.

    I hope you will soon allow people to follow your blog..makes it easier for people to keep up with your work. I see you have the 'followers' category listed in your side bar, but it's not active. I also tried following by email, but Google states that is not active either.

    Adding follower applications is a great way to share your latest tuts and Etsy additons. Your followers will get regular updates on what you are making and posting here. I really don't want to miss out on anything new that you post here either, lol.

    If you do add the follower application, please ask 'My Girlish Whims' to post it to her blog update. I already follow her blog and I will see it. That way I can get back here easily and sign up to follow this blog too. I really hope you do add 'followers'. I love your jewelry creations and other diy projects. I do not want to miss even one of them.

    1. Thanks so much for the appreciation. I didn't have an idea that the follower thing isn't active. But I have people who have started following my blog like few days ago. Even I tried now and it's taking me to all the steps to follow the blog. I think you can try once again, if it still doesn't work let me know. I will check it