Thursday, April 18, 2013

Recycled yogurt container (2)

Here is another Earth day craft. Recycling two yogurt containers for storage purpose. There are some items in bathroom which are longer than the baskets and it doesn't look good when they came peeping out. So, I wanted a solution. For this craft I used two big yogurt containers for making a big storage can.

Here are the steps to do. Take two yogurt containers, a ball of jute twine, glue gun and glue sticks and a pair of scissors.

Take one of the container and turn it upside down.

Cut the bottom part like this.

Glue it inside one of the container.

Start gluing the jute twine all around.

Keep gluing till you reach the top. This will be your finished product.

See nothing is coming out. I ran out of jute twine otherwise I would have covered the lid too with the twine and would have closed it.

Anyways it is serving my purpose and I like it and it goes with the basket I made earlier.

Happy crafting.


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